When it comes to roadshows, the crowd seeks entertainment, but the organization involved looks for marketing their product. How to achieve both at the same time? Here, let’s look at a creative ideas on roadshow advertising!

1, Put SmileClouds inside of the vehicle, logo shaped smileclouds will float out, and drive the car around the town. The logos will flying all over the sky of the town, it’s very interesting and eye-catching.

What is SmileClouds ?

Creative idea for roadshow

2, Organize Stunt shows when the audience population peaks! Okay, so you got the attention of the crowd and the venue is getting packed, what do you do to make them cheer and give it a burst of excitement? STUNT SHOWS!

creative idea for roadshow2

3, Invite stage show performers like magicians, rappers, singers, beat-boxers as a side entertainment and get their performances linked with the cars or products being marketed. This is a good spin off event to cater to the type of audience who are not as much into cars as they are into typical stage shows performed by people!

creative idea for roadshow

4, Rally around specific parts of town for maximum exposure. Make a separate unit who can get the word across on moving wheels! Make sure to incorporate a few of the already mentioned ideas while visiting other locations and not just drive around with a loud speaker.

5, Conduct contests and hand out freebies. Every few hours or during the late hours, you could hand out exclusive gifts with appropriate brand advertisement on it as a thank-you token or as a simple contest give away.

6, Include dancers, fancy fireworks in the grand finale for a show to be remembered. When it’s end of the day, make it grand. This will make it count and people will remember.

creative idea for roadshow3

7, Film the key parts of the event for telecasting or projecting whenever and wherever necessary. It’s important to have a well edited and recorded footage of the event.