As to the balloons, we have used it for hundreds of years since invented, it can be seen everywhere in the world, in a party, wedding, celebrations or any other events and gatherings.

But there has been some environmental problems, as they do not biodegrade or shred. Release of balloons into the atmosphere is considered harmful to the environment. The balloon can also conduct electricity on its surface and released foil balloons can become entangled in power lines and cause power outages. And released balloons can land anywhere, including on nature reserves or other areas where they pose a serious hazard to animals through ingestion or entanglement.

So nowadays more and more countries started to ban or restrict the use of balloons. This is a serious problem, meanwhile it also brings an excellent business opportunity, it is time for us to find a substitute for balloons.

I think artificial clouds would be the perfect solution, until the first time I saw this, I couldn’t believe my eyes:

smileclouds2015 the Unique, Profitable and Executable Event Idea22015 the Unique, Profitable and Executable Event Idea

It is called SmileClouds maker which is an equipment can continuously produce various shapes of foam clouds floating to the sky, like LOGO, word, animal etc., The flying foam clouds will volatilize to air due to they made from foam fluid and helium, so it is 100% safe and eco-friendly.

Comparing with traditional balloons, it is new and attracting focus instantly, especially funny for interaction. More importantly, actually the unit cost of each cloud is much lower than that of balloons.

SmileClouds could be widely used for various events like advertising, promotion, wedding, party etc. It would be the perfect substitute for balloons, surely will bring you a new market and new business opportunity.