I worked for many marketing campaigns, the most creative one I have done is a road show for Olay new product launch.
The key is it used an innovative equipment, it called SmileClouds maker, which can continuously produce various shapes of foam clouds floating to the sky, like LOGO, word, animal etc., very creative and eye-catching, instantly attract people gathered.
The theme is LOVE TRAVEL.
One link is to put the SmileClouds maker inside of one pink vehicle, pink love clouds will float out, and drive the car around the city.
The other link is at one site, theme is using OLAY’s environmental protection concept, to call on people to give back the empty bottle of OLAY products.
On this part, each person who give back the empty bottle came to the vehicle, put the bottle in the vehicle, push one button, some of them will get little gifts,
Some of them will get one or more clouds, different shapes floating out from the vehicle.
The on-site atmosphere is very good, in the meantime,
when people are in a queue waiting, the workers can do questionnaire survey or distribute leaflets, etc…
May it helps for you!
Here is the website:www.smileclouds.com
Mailto: evans@smileclouds.com