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I worked for many marketing campaigns, the most creative one I have done is a road show for Olay new product launch.
The key is it used an innovative equipment, it called SmileClouds maker, which can continuously produce various shapes of foam clouds floating to the sky, like LOGO, word, animal etc., very creative and eye-catching, instantly attract people gathered.
The theme is LOVE TRAVEL.
One link is to put the SmileClouds maker inside of one pink vehicle, pink love clouds will float out, and drive the car around the city.
The other link is at one site, theme is using OLAY’s environmental protection concept, to call on people to give back the empty bottle of OLAY products.
On this part, each person who give back the empty bottle came to the vehicle, put the bottle in the vehicle, push one button, some of them will get little gifts,
Some of them will get one or more clouds, different shapes floating out from the vehicle.
The on-site atmosphere is very good, in the meantime,
when people are in a queue waiting, the workers can do questionnaire survey or distribute leaflets, etc…
May it helps for you!
Here is the



8 Creative Ideas to Attract more people to Your Event

While we typically look at event planning from a task standpoint, there is also a revenue angle to events that, when leveraged properly, can create a significant revenue stream for both businesses and planners. In fact, there are entire corporations built around the concept of producing and selling space at events.

The most attractive aspect to making money on events (besides the profit potential) is that really anyone can do it.

The cost of hosting small and medium sized functions is minor compared to opening a retail business, and there are a wide range of concepts to experiment with. To get your creative juices flowing, I’ve put together a handful of proven event business models below.

Speaking Engagements
The best authors and celebrities can fill a room with ticket buyers just on name recognitionalone. This creates a revenue opportunity for event promoters who can match the right speaker with a hungry audience. The math behind profiting is pretty simple: Take the celebrity’s speaking fee and book a venue with enough seat inventory to exceed the cost of hosting the event. For example, if your total costs are $10,000 and you sold 750 tickets at $25 each ($18,750), then you would earn a profit of $8,750.

Training Seminars
People will gladly pay to learn skills that lead to more money, more free time, or the elimination of a persistent problem. This, in one way or another, is what all successful training seminars offer.

If you look online you will find dozens of companies who design and promote training seminars for business certification, study programs, and personal development. But you don’t actually need to be a trainer to make money off the events. All you have to do is identify a need, hire a good trainer, and plan the event.

Gaming Tournaments
What happens when you offer a prize along with the opportunity for hobbyists to compete against each other? Assuming you choose the right platform and region, you should have no problem attracting hundreds of candidates willing to pay a fee in order to participate. From poker tournaments to corn hole competitions, every city has a market of gamers looking for an outlet to play outside of their home. Managing costs for these events can get complicated because you will need a support staff, but if you already have ties with fans then the profit potential is likely there on some scale.

SmileClouds shows

What if you can make different shapes floating in the sky in an event? You can make it with SmileClouds machines, you can continuously make various shapes of foam clouds, like LOGO, word, animal etc., very creative and eye-catching. And you can customize the shape as requested of the event holder, they will love to have their own shape floating up during the event, it would make the event unforgettable and special for sure.

8 Creative Ideas to Attract more people to Your Event

Craft Shows

Events like craft shows and bake sales are perfect for new promoters because the costs are very low. High school gymnasiums can be rented for well under a thousand dollars, and exhibitors at these functions are generally easy to work with. The first step in planning a profitable craft show is to determine how many vendor tables you can reasonably fit inside the venue. This will determine the amount you need to charge in order to clear a profit. From there it is all about marketing, both to vendors and attendees. If you do a good job drawing a crowd at your first show then future shows will grow on reputation.

Pet Shows
The pet industry is huge everywhere, and yet there are very few opportunities for pet owners to get together as a group. This is where an entrepreneurial event planner could make a tidy profit by simply creating the opportunity. A “pet show” can include anything from a vendor expo to a full-fledge contest where pets can show off their talents and abilities. Obviously there are a lot of things to manage with a show like this, so it makes sense to start small and grow with each experience.

These are just some of the potential money making event ideas planners and promoters can consider. Other ideas include dances, concerts, festivals and car shows. The profit concept for all of them is the same, and that is to bring in more money than it costs to produce the event. That means the best place to begin planning is with a financial spreadsheet.

When it comes to unique ideas for event, firstly I don’t know if you have ever heard a kind of foam cloud making machine? I think this technology will serve your needs well.

Actually it is called smileclouds machine, which can continuously produce various shapes of foam clouds floating to the sky, no matter it is a LOGO, word, sign or any other else, it is really creative and eye-catching, undoubtedly will make you event to be unique.

Speaking of profitable and executable, with only one machine, you will be able to customize special shape for your per client, I believe every one likes to have their own “clouds” for their event. Plus the operating cost is very low, your can earn a decent profit for each time renting.

So what are you waiting for? just contact the manufacturer directly now !

2015 the Unique, Profitable and Executable Event Idea3 2015 the Unique, Profitable and Executable Event Idea2 2015 the Unique, Profitable and Executable Event Idea

How to Become an Event Planner

[From] If you’re ready to start your event planning career, you may be searching for tips on how to become an event planner, step by step. To help you get started on your journey, here are the basics of what it takes to succeed.

Seven Steps to Building a Successful Event Planning Business

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Step One: Make the Decision to Succeed

Before you call your first potential customer, start a blog or build a website, you must decide that you’ll do what it takes to be successful. Starting any type of new business requires learning new skills, adapting what you learn to your unique marketplace, and persevering when faced with obstacles.

Decide from the beginning that you’ll keep working toward your goals, no matter what.

Step Two: Set Your Goals

Take the time to write out your business goals. How much money do you need to make? How much will you need to charge, and will you charge by the hour or by the event?Establishing a fee schedule makes you appear professional and helps keep your income consistent. Having monthly, quarterly and annual business goals gives you a place to focus as you’re establishing your business.

Step Three: Do Your Research

What type of events do you want to plan and who is your best customer group for those events? How can you reach that group of people most easily? Who is your competition for those customers? Researching the answers to those questions will help to narrow down your business to a specific niche, which makes your marketing more effective.

Step Four: Set Up Your Business to Succeed

Seek out information on taxes, business licenses and insurance, certifications, small business accounting programs and all the details a successful business owner needs to know.

As you’re looking for these answers, you may decide to purchase some type of event planning training.

Tip: A good event planning program should help you map out a path for setting up your business to succeed.

Step Five: Create a Strong Business Profile

Here’s where you begin to package your skills and experience by creating your professional profile, even if you’ve never planned an event professionally. What skills have you gained by planning special occasions for friends, family or charity events? How many people attended those events? You probably learned to interact with vendors such as caterers, equipment rental companies and entertainers, so don’t forget to showcase those abilities, as well. Create a portfolio with photos and ask the event hosts to give you a written recommendation.

Step Six: Get the Word Out

When you’re starting your event planning business from scratch, your marketing strategy builds the framework for future success. A quality event planning program can also guide you through the most effective marketing techniques, including blogging, social media connections, word-of-mouth, print advertising and creative avenues you might not have considered.

Step Seven: Never Stop Learning

As your client list, event portfolio and business income grow, you’ll begin to see what works well for you and what’s not productive. Learn from any missteps you might make and add that to your ever-growing base of business knowledge.

These are the basics in how to become an event planner, step by step.

What steps have you already taken, wish you hadn’t taken or are planning to take this month to build your event management business?

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Wanna la publicidad en el cielo?

Cielo escritura? Globo aerostático? Los dirigibles? demasiado caro …

Aquí es una nueva forma de publicidad aérea, necesitará sólo un fabricante de SmileClouds, entonces usted puede mostrar logotipo, palabra o cualquier forma flotando por todo el cielo, que el cielo su espacio publicitario. Visible dentro de 5 KM! No se puede ser más llamativo y creativo!

aerial billboard

Para obtener más información, por favor haga clic en este official website !


Youtube video:

La publicidad en línea es a menudo animado e interesante, siempre se puede atraer la atención de la gente. Pero pueden hacer fácilmente la gente llorar o reír si se coloca al lado del contenido equivocado.

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La respuesta es definitivamente sí!


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Usted es el mal si te ríes de esto.


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No es la técnica de asar a la parrilla que estaba buscando.


¿Está realmente bien?




Sabemos que es genio!


Leer más: 7 Creative Ideas For Roadshow Advertising

Smart planners know they can’t rely on the same database of attendees year after year to fill their events. But how do you reach new people? Consider using some of these practical strategies from other trade shows and conferences.

1. YouTube videos
Nearly half of the 20,000 people who attended Sapphire Now this year were first-time attendees. The German software company strategically courts new guests to its annual customer conference by focusing on educating them how to get the most out of the event experience. One part of the strategy involves a series of YouTube videos, each no more than one minute long, that are shared through SAP’s social channels. “The videos are about the value and benefits of coming to Sapphire Now. You can do in three days what it would normally take you three months to do, because here the entire SAP ecosystem is in one place,” says Michael Trovalli, SAP’s vice president of global events. Some of the videos offered practical tips for first-time guests, with topics such as “Checking in at the Conference,” “Transportation Overview,” “Creating Your Agenda,” and “What’s on the Show Floor.” By the time the conference began in early June, Trovalli says views of the brand’s YouTube channel were up 1,200 percent compared to one year earlier.

2. Eye-catching event equipment

Choosing an eye-catching event equipment will efficiently attract the more attendees or passerby come around your event site, for example the innovative foam cloud making machine made by smileclouds company, which can continuously produce any shaped of clouds floating to the sky, like your logo, word, slogan etc, make the sky your advertising space, people around 5 KM can see it, instantly attract people comes around and make your event special. More info:,

8 Creative Ideas to Attract more people to Your Event8 Creative Ideas to Attract more people to Your Event

3. Complimentary registration
The Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event is an annual trade show and conference for the hair, beauty, nail, and spa industries that has grown steadily each year, with more than 55,000 people attending the most recent event in early June. But organizers know there are still many salon professionals who have never attended, so this year they created a program targeting owners of salons in the southeastern United States. Dubbed “By Invitation Only,” the offer included free registration for the three-day event, an exclusive education program on Saturday with presentations on best practices from five salons around the country, an evening reception, and a breakfast on Sunday. Organizers said about 100 people accepted the invitation, and they intend to continue the program next year.

4. Exhibiting at other shows
N.P.E.: The International Plastics Showcase is a triennial event that is the world’s largest plastics trade show and conference. More than 50,000 people attended the most recent one in 2012, but organizers know there is potential for the event to grow since plastics are used in so many industries, such as medical, automotive, and packaging. As they gear up for 2015, organizers are looking for opportunities to exhibit at other trade shows that reach some of those peripheral markets. “We are always looking to create multipliers—any sort of entity that already has a community and a reach into the market we are trying to attract, and figure out a way to work with that group to give them some value and get their community interested in why they should come to our event,” says Brad Williams, director of trade show marketing and sales for S.P.I.: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, which produces the event.

From July 8 to 10, representatives from the plastics association will be exhibiting at SemiCon West in San Francisco, a trade show for the microelectronics industry. The exhibit will demonstrate 3-D printing from Stratasys, a company that regularly exhibits at N.P.E. and that has agreed to be a partner in the new outreach effort. Williams says they selected 3-D printing because they know it’s a hot topic that will attract attention on the show floor. Association staff will be there to hand out free floor passes for N.P.E.’s 2015 event, and Williams says they are looking for similar opportunities at trade shows in other markets.

8 Creative Ideas to Attract more People to Your Event

5. Content marketing
Many brands and organizations have embraced content marketing as a way to keep potential attendees interested and engaged throughout the year. The term refers to the concept of providing a steady stream of useful and relevant information to a target audience, in the form of blog posts, newsletters, webinars, or podcasts. Interop, a twice-yearly event for the information technology community, communicates with potential attendees through a blog that provides articles and resources on hot topics within the industry. The event is owned by UBM Tech, and the blog is posted on InformationWeek, an online news site also owned by that company. The blog’s editor, Andrew Conry-Murray, is testing a book club as a way to engage his readers in the weeks leading up to the New York conference in September (his selection is No Place to Hide, journalist Glenn Greenwald’s account of his encounters with former government contractor Edward Snowden). Conry-Murray is posting updates as he reads the book, and he plans to host an in-person discussion at the fall conference.

6. Targeted emails
The National Business Aviation Association serves a variety of professionals in the business aviation industry, from pilots and dispatchers to maintenance staff. Rather than sending the same marketing materials to its entire database, the association sends customized messages to different segments of its target audiences for its eight conferences and three large trade shows. “If you are a pilot, here are the top three reasons you should plan to attend this show. And those may be completely different than the email to the schedulers and dispatchers,“ says Aimee Kaufman, director of marketing for the association. “So we are always trying to talk in a targeted way instead of blanketing them with generic messages that may not apply to them.” Kaufman says the marketing message is also different for past attendees versus people who have never attended.

7. Remarketing
Remarketing is an automated advertising concept first offered by Google and now also available through Facebook and Twitter. It allows brands and event organizers to reach people who have previously visited their websites by showing them relevant ads as they search other sites online. “We have begun using remarketing to promote our events,” Kaufman says. “This means that once they click on any of our Web pages that pertain to that event, a Web banner ad promoting that event will then follow them around—both on our N.B.A.A. website, but also throughout the Web on other websites they visit. We are big proponents that everything we do is about touch points. You want to be in front of them as much as you can, and hopefully one of those touch points will get them to register.”

8. Free Webcasts
Educause, a nonprofit association for information technology leaders in higher education, provides a number of Webcasts for its hybrid conferences that are open to anyone, anytime, via the conference homepage. Victoria Fanning, director of hybrid and online meetings, says these are intended to give people a “taste of the conference,” and ideally convert them to in-person attendees.