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As to the balloons, we have used it for hundreds of years since invented, it can be seen everywhere in the world, in a party, wedding, celebrations or any other events and gatherings.

But there has been some environmental problems, as they do not biodegrade or shred. Release of balloons into the atmosphere is considered harmful to the environment. The balloon can also conduct electricity on its surface and released foil balloons can become entangled in power lines and cause power outages. And released balloons can land anywhere, including on nature reserves or other areas where they pose a serious hazard to animals through ingestion or entanglement.

So nowadays more and more countries started to ban or restrict the use of balloons. This is a serious problem, meanwhile it also brings an excellent business opportunity, it is time for us to find a substitute for balloons.

I think artificial clouds would be the perfect solution, until the first time I saw this, I couldn’t believe my eyes:

smileclouds2015 the Unique, Profitable and Executable Event Idea22015 the Unique, Profitable and Executable Event Idea

It is called SmileClouds maker which is an equipment can continuously produce various shapes of foam clouds floating to the sky, like LOGO, word, animal etc., The flying foam clouds will volatilize to air due to they made from foam fluid and helium, so it is 100% safe and eco-friendly.

Comparing with traditional balloons, it is new and attracting focus instantly, especially funny for interaction. More importantly, actually the unit cost of each cloud is much lower than that of balloons.

SmileClouds could be widely used for various events like advertising, promotion, wedding, party etc. It would be the perfect substitute for balloons, surely will bring you a new market and new business opportunity.



You want to plan a event, one that makes your company shine in the eyes of the attendees and your boss – that’s understandable. One that is a huge success and talked about for a long time to come.

Did you know that there are a number of straightforward guidelines that need to be followed if your next event is not to be a disastrous flop? Ignore these guidelines at your peril, they are the very basics you need to get right and indeed some of the very fundamentals of event planning itself.

Group of conference participants standing in lobby of conference center, socializing during lunch break

Group of conference participants standing in lobby of conference center, socializing during lunch break

Use these 3 simple, must do steps to help you plan a corporate event – you can think of it as your event planning guide.

3 Simple, Must Do Steps To Help You Plan a Corporate Event

1. Know Your Audience

It’s absolutely imperative that you know and understand the expectations of the audience that will be attending your corporate event.

You need to understand their likes and dislikes and above all steer clear of anything that could potentially offend or upset your attendees. Get this wrong and it could be disastrous.

For example, you wouldn’t want to provide entertainment at your event that was too risqué for a more conservative audience, such as a comedian who is a little too blue for their tastes. An act such as a hypnotist can be hilariously funny but you need to bear in mind that for this kind of entertainment to be successful, the crowd must be prepared to participate.

Similarly, you wouldn’t necessarily want to provide a hip hop band for an audience that consisted mainly of middle-aged and elderly attendees.

So, think carefully about who will be attending your corporate event and make sure that you tailor the event exactly to their needs and expectations.

2. Budget Accurately

Accurate budgeting is an absolute event planning basic but one that many amateur or inexperienced event planners can get drastically wrong. It’s easy to let costs escalate out of control as your next event unfolds and the best way to avoid this is to work out an accurate budget from day one.

Admittedly, your budget may need to be adjusted for unforeseen items but if you’ve done your job properly, this shouldn’t entail a major overhaul of your proposed costings.

The best way to get on the right footing with budgeting is to hold a brainstorming session with all involved parties, right at the start of the event planning process. Make sure to discuss all potential expenditures in detail and to work from broad headings such as entertainment, accommodation, transport, food and drink etc. to more specific subheadings as you develop your budget.

So, if we take entertainment as our example the subheadings could be such things as entertainer’s fee, tip, food and drink for the evening, transport to and from the event, publicity photographs and if the entertainer is a well-known personality, even security.

Once you’ve arrived at your budget, always remember to add a percentage for contingency. No matter how accurately you try to budget, there will always be an unforeseen expense or cost that arises when you plan your special events.

3. Contingency

While we’re on the subject of contingency, always remember that it’s absolutely crucial to plan for a worst-case scenario.

A good example to illustrate this would be an outdoor event. What happens if the weather turns against you and you have hundreds of guests looking forward to a memorable open-air experience but the rain is falling in buckets?

In this scenario, you would want to ensure that you had adequate, undercover facilities available to cater to your guests should the worst happen.

Some examples of other contingencies to plan for:

  • The sound system – what of it fails?
  • Visual aids such as projectors – do you have a backup?
  • The entertainment is delayed, or fails to turn up – what now?
  • You run out of food or drink – do you have a backup supplier?
  • You’re providing transport for attendees and the company you’ve appointed can’t cope – do you have an alternative provider available?

The above are just 3 simple, must do steps to help you plan a corporate event to illustrate the importance of thinking ahead. Hopefully, with a great event planning checklist, your next corporate event will be a huge success.

You have likely heard about some of the private concerts and celebrity guest appearances that occur at corporate events. It is becoming more common for corporations to hire big names for their thank you events and product launches. Not only does this approach draw more media attention, but it also boosts employee morale. But what if you can’t afford an appearance from Bon Jovi or Beyoncé? Not to worry, as there are plenty of affordable options available.

Local Talent
Often times you can look right in your own backyard to find a talented array of musicians and performers. Look through community calendars and bar entertainment listings to see who is repeatedly playing the big events. Another angle is to search local schools and colleges for stars-in-training. Choir groups, piano players and dancers can all be found at schools with strong performing arts programs.

Interesting Equipments

There are many familiar entertainment equipments available, something like bubble machine, fog machines etc., the problem is those are all too common, so we need the new creative equipment that most people never see before, here I highly recommend SmileClouds machine, a kind of “3D foam cloud machine”, it is able to continuously produce various shapes of foam clouds floating to the sky, no matter it is a company logo, word, animal, cartoon etc,. Attendees could make it by themselves, very interesting and creative, I think it could be a highlight of your event.

6 Affordable Event Entertainment Ideas

Booking a Marilyn Monroe impersonator for your event can be just as fun as the real thing if you find the right person. One of the drawbacks to real celebrities is all the security and contractual terms associated with their appearance. Impersonators are much more likely to interact with your attendees, pose for pictures, and take on special requests. The money you save using an impersonator can even allow you the flexibility to add more personalities to the event. Imagine having Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Jerry Seinfeld all show up on the same night!

Second Tier Stars
When you think about B-list celebrities like reality stars and sports coaches, they tend to have a more human experience to them.

A lot of the names in this category are just regular people who worked hard to a get a shot at doing what they love. Stories like this often fit business-related event themes more seamlessly than the “paid spokesmen” model. Successful coaches know what it takes to succeed, and reality stars understand the difficulty in maintaining relevance. Finding a second tier celebrity whose background matches your theme can help you create amazing content for your guests.

Employee Talent Shows
Why hire anyone to entertain your guests when you already work with some of the most talented people around? Employee talent shows draw an instant connection from the audience, and the entertainment value will last for weeks at the office as people marvel at the unique skills their co-workers were hiding from them. If you’re really lucky, you might be able to entice the CEO or executive to put together an act!

Magic and Illusions
Magicians, hypnotists and even fortune tellers have been crowd-pleasures for centuries, and the best ones can entertain event the toughest crowds. Here is another opportunity where, with a little creativity, you can integrate the core message of your event into the performance. Wouldn’t it be great to see a VP getting hypnotized…or watch as the office manager disappears from the stage?

Culinary Arts
Food is going to be a hit at any event, which is why incorporating a culinary theme is one of the safest entertainment options available. There are several options for doing this, both on a small and large scale. You can run a cooking demonstration on stage as a featured segment, or even bring in a well-known chef to share cooking secrets. If you have the space, think about expanding the culinary theme by creating food stations that feature samples and demonstrations from the best restaurants in your city. This idea can also be consolidated to just dessert and paired with a silent auction or giveaway contest.

The thing to remember about all of these event entertainment ideas is that you have plenty of choices as the event planner. For every obstacle you face booking one, several other options will open for you. The best way to brainstorm ideas is to begin with your theme and think about what form of entertainment best matches it.